Settling and what we choose

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 ( Settling )

Do You Or Your Friends Settle

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Remember we all at some point get lonely. We may have friends, family or not at all. But one thing happens more often thin not (!!loneliness!!). At times this will lead us to temptation and settling for less thin we truly want. We have no true need to settle. Time, age, looks, and much more can influence our choices. But it is gust that. Our choices lead us into or away from success. If you decide to stay away from places that you may met people at. If you go to places that interest you. So meany people have the preconceived belief you only find them in bars and dance clubs. This is truly not the only way. Lets say you are a fitness and yoga instructor. Most likely you would have better luck at fitness and yoga conventions and places. This is not to say you would never find someone at a bare that is into the same things. It also depends on the factor of what you are attracted to. Keep this in mind win thinking of places to go. With the power of our mind and positive thinking we can truly move mountains. Look up the law of attraction for more on manifesting your true life. Remember settling is can lead to a unfulfilled life.

With Light and thanks
Rev, Adam Lee

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