Psychic Talk Radio With Rev. Adam 02/08 by Psychic Talk Radio | Spirituality Podcasts

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Welcome to Psychic Talk Radio. You will be able to ask REV Adam questions about any life concerns at the present moment. We will talk about how to handle different problems in our daily lives. We will be covering many topics like love, money, spiritual health, career and more. REV. Adam is a gifted psychic, rootworker, exorcist, and spiritual counselor. Helping people from all over the world in different situations. Adam is a clairsentient, clairaudient, clairvoyant, medium and more. He can clearly see the path ahead of you. We look forward to your calls. Many times in our world today, we are told that the term ?psychic? has lent to a paranormal tone. Rev Adam is a 7th Generation Roma and Universal Reverend with over 20 years experience as a spiritual counselor. Working one on one with individuals privately by phone or in person. Here on BTR, we are excited to present to you our personalized meditations that Rev Adam designs specifically for our show and for you. Our shows will teach you meditatively how to work from within on topics that you need help with. Spiritual gifts have allowed us to help many people. Please visit us for inspirational sermons weekly as well as topics of spiritual guidance. We encourage your questions and would love to talk with you. This is a radio show for all spiritual people. We will be talking about all things spiritual. Most of it will be on the law of attraction. Psychic Advice, spiritual Guidance, rootwork,…

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Our blog is all about helping others find and apply spirituality in there lives. We provide spiritual insight and knowledge to guide you in finding your success and enlightenment.  Ass the river shapes beautiful stone masterpieces with time. So is the path to truth, enlightenment and success. It is only throw self mastery that we can achieve or truest goals.