2017 Holiday Sale 1 hr Psychic Reading for $10 off

$40.0 $30.0

Happy Holidays 1hr psychic reading sale.


Have A Psychic Reading With Rev. Adam.

(Online And Phone Only)

Find out what 2018 has for you. See if new love, money, job and or better health is coming in for you in the coming year. This service is also available to be given as a gift credit to someone you know. This is for a 1hr reading with Rev. Adam and is a great way to help start the new year off. With the insight and wisdom you will get from this psychic reading. You will be able to plane 2018 to the best track for manifesting your goals.  We look foreword to hearing from you and wish you a great path ahead full of love, light and laughter.

  If you would like to call us for any reason our phone number is 443-319-3366.


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